welcome to the grand opening of the little rats' big top, where these talented rodents are putting on a really goud(a) show! but in order to make some fat stacks (of cheese), they need your help! keep the show running smoothly BRIEfore its too late!!

instructions (this is a mouse-only game... haha):

once the show begins you have until the tightrope is crossed to make sure everything doesn't fall apart.

  • click the q-tip ends to balance on the high rope!
  • click and drag your favorite clown around to help him stay upright!
  • click the plates to keep them spinning spinning spinning!
  • hover over the cheese to collect it and keep track of how successful tonight's show will be...
  • click escape on the top right (or the escape key) to pause the game and see a surprise 👀

made in 72 hours by cakeknuckles and jellicube for ludum dare 49, for the theme "Unstable".  with ideas from @butteriamb, additional art by @f.artnog, and music by @garett_slimdev


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It was a cute little world, with all the little mouse circus trinkets and all, beautifully rendered! And yet, the gameplay was moderately difficult and fun to play, with a level of achievement that would make you scream for joy when you cleared it!

I made this video in the hope that it would show that I had fun playing this piece!